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The Conroe Tiger Band uses an app called SLACK to communicate with students and parents.


Use the links below to download the app to your device:

Apple App Store

Google Play

Once the app is downloaded, please create an account using your email, phone number, or social media and use your FULL NAME. Once that is complete, click this LINK to join the Conroe Tiger Band Workspace or you can scan the QR Code below: 

Slack Invite QR Code.png

Step 2: registration form

Click this LINK to fill out our registration form. 

This form includes questions about emergency contact information, shirt sizes, fees, and rehearsal/performance schedules and is extremely important for you to complete. 

Step 3: Purchase your required band gear

Visit the web store and purchase your required band gear. Please purchase the required items today (you can purchase anything you’d like otherwise, but in order for us to make sure your items are in for our first performance, you need to purchase at registration). Visit this webpage:

Step 4: Obtain your physical

Texas state law requires all students that participate in marching band to complete a physical yearly. This physical clearance is extremely important to make sure all students are safe at rehearsal and students should not be attending the outdoor portion of rehearsals until they have cleared their physical.

For Conroe ISD, you will need to complete the physical form with your doctor or at your school on the annual physical day. In addition to the paper copy of the physical, you will need fill out all of the online forms through RankOne Sport. Lastly, if you have a severe allergy or asthma you will need to complete the action plan. All of the required materials are below: 

2023-2024 CISD Physical Form 

Instructions on how to access RankOne Sport

CISD Asthma Action Plan

CISD Severe Allergy Action Plan

CISD Seizure Action Plan

CISD Diabetes Medical Management Plan

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