Student Personal band Account Direct donation Extravaganza

Introducing the easiest band fundraiser you’ve ever seen or done!

Nothing to buy! Nothing to sell! No commitment! Totally online!

Best of all, NO OVERHEAD!!!

The student gets 100% of the donation amount!


The Conroe High School Band Boosters have created an online fundraiser called SPADE: Student Personal band Account Direct donation Extravaganza. With this fundraiser, students ask family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church members, etc. to help sponsor them in the fine arts by donating directly to their band fees.  This is perfect for out-of-town friends and family!


People like to support students they know in extracurricular activities and in the arts. They donate more knowing 100% of their donation is going to the student.  They like not having to buy a ton of stuff with some outside company profiting.  They like options that are fast, easy, and online.


Donors follow the link to our online form, which gathers information and directs them how to send a payment. They can donate any amount they like. The process takes less than 10 minutes. Payment options include cash, check, credit, debit, PayPal, and Zelle.


All completed payments with student info will be credited to the student’s Charms account.  The student receives 100% of the donation amount. 

How to participate:

  • Spread the donation link:

    • Social Media: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter

    • Send personal invites to people likely to sponsor your student.

    • Text or email friends and family

    • Print a flyer or send it as a PDF

  • Set a personal goal.  Aim to cover some or all of your fees and/or trip fees.

  • Make it personal.  Use pictures of your student at band events to gain interest. Say what makes band/guard special to you. Be enthusiastic!

  • Privately message donors your student’s full name and school ID number to be sure donations are applied to the correct account.  DO NOT POST SCHOOL IDs ONLINE.