Hello CTB! Ya know it's quiet working at the band hall without all of you coming and going. I'm not saying that's good or bad. It's just a little creepy in the empty house. Some thoughts please..... 1. the summer time is a really good time for students and parents to sit down together and examine their privately owned instrument. How is it holding up? When was the last time it was cleaned on the inside? Unsure...drop it by your local music store and let the professionals check it out for you. 2. walking is a great way to start getting your body ready for marching. walk to the beat of your favorite music. do it early in the morning...then transition your walking to between 3 to 5 in the afternoon. HAVE WATER WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES...DRINK WATER THE NIGHT BEFORE...EAT BREAKFAST. 3. WHAT WILL BE YOUR GOOD DEED THIS WEEK? 4. DO YOU PLAN TO BE POSITIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA ALL WEEK? 5. WHAT KIND OF VOLUNTEER WORK ARE YOU INTERESTED IN OR HAVE YOU ALREADY FOUND SOMETHING? 6. REMEMBER...BULLIES ARE NOT POSITIVE PEOPLE...there is always a root cause in the creation of a bully. They are sad people because deep down...they have been hurt in some way, shape or form. 7. How many social media traps do you fall into? Is your social media usage clean and free of bullying, hatred, bigotry, vulgarity, profanity and racism? More and more companies are viewing potential employee social media pages for job considerations. Why? Because companies don't want to risk hiring someone who may disrupt the business from within or create bad publicity for the company. USE SOCIAL MEDIA WISELY AND HAVE GOOD CLEAN FUN WITH IT TOO. I DO. Be a good person. Model decency. 8. Are you planning something great for the new school year? What are your academic goals? The great thing about summer is that you can completely transform yourself for the new year. You can be anything you want. For example: I had a great student, not too long ago, attend summer school for the first time. Why? Well...let's just say he needed to attend summer school. He was a great young man but often unprepared academically. So...he arrived on the first day of summer school and was shocked and amazed and embarrassed all at once. You see...when he entered the classroom and sat down. He noticed all students had lap tops, notebooks, and backpacks full of classroom items. He said it was crazy and that he had never seen anything like that before. He, on the other hand, entered with nothing in hand. His eyes were opened to the prospect that people could be serious about their own success even in summer school. However, it took him being embarrassed to realize this was true. He came and told me about what had happened (yep---cause I was in the band hall). After listening to him, I was about to offer some advice but before I could, he firmly stated that he was going to change and fix his situation once and for all. The next day, he was prepared and "came in ready to make himself better" (his words) and that he was never going to "blow things off" again. POWERFUL STUFF! It's true though. That's why we work hard as a band. We don't "blow things off." Be ready for the fall. Do you have summer reading assignments? Go ahead and dive in. And more thing about the power of being in situations that change folks. Take me for example...I was always 1st chair trombone at good old Galena Park High School always winning medals, trophies and stuff. I received a great music scholarship to the University of Houston. I was excited because I thought I was doing good on my trombone. HOWEVER, during the 1st week of college, I was in one of the 4th floor practice rooms practicing. Here's me thinking I was sounding pretty good. I stopped. Walked down the hall to get a drink of water and noticed something. As I walked...I heard pianos, trombones, flutes, name it...even some opera! It sounded like symphony hall in there. I was amazed. No one at my high school ever sounded like this. I stood outside some rooms listening to several trombone players and then it hit me. An overwhelming sensation of embarrassment engulfed me like a raging fire. I retreated back to my practice room and just sat there. I thought to myself: "I don't sound like them at all...wait...if I can hear them then they can hear me. Oh no!" It was a terrible day and it was only the 3rd day of my college career. I have never forgotten that day for it propelled me higher than I ever thought possible. I practiced and fixed everything about my trombone playing. I became detailed. My trombone professor was always so proud of me even after he found out that I wanted to be a teacher instead of a symphony performer. He was so upset but he knew that my heart was a teaching heart. As for that practice room day...actually...that day still fuels me as a band director. That gloomy day still drives me to be my best for you, our school, our district and the band world. You can transform into anything. You can transform and reach higher levels of function. You can achieve academic excellence. You have the power to dream then reach. No one is holding you back. will not take an embarrassing event BUT, if it's OK...sometimes..."bad days" are pretty powerful. Lots a love and respect, H


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