Senior Specific Message...

Good Morning Class of 2019, I hope your summer is going well? I always hope that everything is OK in your lives. I always hope the best for you. So you're seniors now. Now what?'s gonna be a great thing and this year will move fast for you. We don't know why but it just will. What are your plans? College? Career? As teachers, we always ask these two things. In my band director world, I am always thinking about all of the things we must do for the community, school, any contest, any performance and ourselves. However...I always think about everyone on a social level and always hope that everything is OK for everyone. I always hope that everyone embraces positivity because I just don't think that there is enough positivity in the world. There's a lot of negativity. Why? I don't know but there's always a root cause of negativity. Always. Being part of a large social group like ours is both fun and hard work. There are many, many personalities and with many, many personalities come all kinds of emotions, desires, needs, ambitions, attitudes, and perceptions. As a teacher, I embrace and welcome everything that makes everyone who they are. As a teacher, I am charged, by society, with the taking of everything that makes everyone who they are then mold, shape, and transform. I see seniors in any high school culture as the molders, shapers and transformers of their high school culture and, of course, our band culture. Why? Well...for an obvious reason...You are the oldest kids in the school. Some will call you kids and some will call you adults. Which will you strive and work hard to be? As a senior, will you strive for and work hard to be a kid with all of the baggage that comes with little kid stuff? You know...creating drama, bullying, fighting over girlfriends and boyfriends, being loud and obnoxious inside the building, throwing trash on the ground/floor, saying bad things about others, creating negativity on social media, etc, etc, etc. OR... As a senior, will you strive for and work hard to be an adult who transforms the school by projecting positivity, avoiding drama, doing the right things, helping others achieve, doing good deeds, supporting others who are down, celebrating the success of others, applauding others when they need it most, volunteering, and just being an all-around good person? I guess I don't have to tell you which of the two I would like you to be or do I? I am told every year that I am "preachy" but while others find me "preachy", it's just me trying to connect and persuade students to do the right things and be good people. Why shouldn't I hope for that especially in school and in our band? It's always a question for me. Why can't people just be good and decent people? That's why I'm "preachy." I want people to rise up. I want my seniors to rise up! I want people to eliminate racism, bigotry and hate. I want my seniors to eliminate racism, bigotry and hate. I want people to eliminate vulgarity. I want my seniors to eliminate vulgarity. I want people to finally define, come to grips with and create real solutions to the thing called bullying. I want that for my seniors as well. (at least we are talking about it and trying to get a handle on it) The thing about that I want our band to project everything positive above and below the surface. I want my senior sons and daughters to rise up and protect all of the souls in our school and band program above and below the surface. It is always my hope that my seniors listen and do the right thing away from their parents. Do you do the right thing when you are away from your parents? I did. No...really I did! Not for fear of parent punishments but because I wanted a good reputation. It got to the point that everyone in town knew me as the son of John and Judy Heathcock and the grandson of Andrew and Mildred Lancon. Heck...I was driving police cars when I was 12 and 13 years old. So funny...driving the squad cars back and forth between the police station and the gas station--so I could wash them. One time, the police were messing with me while I was vacuuming one of the cars. Over the radio, I hear: "Hey boy...make sure the back is clean and don't lock yourself in the back either." (funny) Everyone knew me because I worked hard to do the right thing. It was important to me, I guess. I am glad you are finally seniors. I see good things ahead of you. I know you are good people. And as I told the officers: "swim above the drama because if you swim in the drama, you will surely sink to the bottom." Enjoy being seniors for sure. Always treat people with kindness and positivity. Lead by doing the right thing, at the right time, with the right people. Don't be that person who has a reputation for picking on others or saying bad things....why? Because we don't like it. That's why. Right? No matter what it is. Right? And as always, you can always email us. While there are a few restrictions and limitations to what we can do as teachers, we can certainly forward or tell our superiors. We can just listen if that's what you need. And...parents need to know all of the time. Mine knew everything especially my points of view during conflicts and that's a good thing. Why? Because my opinions and how I viewed things were important. So are yours. Let's have a great year! Let's get out there and make our school and band's reputation important. The senior class will define who we are as a band. That's always true. Have you had your first organized meeting yet? How can you be seniors and not be organized for your know...those three simple but powerful words that love you unconditionally...Conroe Tiger Band! H


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