Hello CTB! It's a great day in the band hall!!! The drum line is working really hard and sounding great and our keyboard percussionists are working just as hard and sounding amazing as well. Excitement is in the air. It's great listening to our famous percussion and our famous percussion educators work together. Good stuff!!!! How's that show music memory coming? How's Maleguena memory going? It's almost time!!!!!! H

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Great start, we are so proud

Good Sunday Morning CTB! WHAT A GREAT START TO THE 89TH YEAR OF THE...CONROE TIGER BAND!!! The INTRO WEEK WAS FANTASTIC and now let's create another fantastic week as we get to drill and music m

Another Great Day!!!

Hello to those three simple but powerful words!!!!!! ANOTHER GREAT DAY!!! We're two for two!!!! I am very proud. AND.......I'm proud of the freshmen class for taking that leap. That leap ha


Hello CTB!!!! WOW!!! Those three simple but powerful words really came alive today!!! You were all great!!! We can already tell that your hearts are in the right place!!! Great job everyone