IT'S HERE!!!!!!

Good Sunday Morning CTB!!!! T'was the night before summer band and all through the houses, Everyone was practicing...even the mouses. (ummmm....that's all I got...not a poet) I am however...very, very, very glad it's starting up again. In case you can't access the calendar or you're just getting around to looking at it or you just need a quick is a very brief start and end snap shot: July 23 thru 27 (7am to 4pm) July 30 thru Aug 3 (7am to 4pm) Aug 6 thru 9 (3pm to 7pm) Aug 10 (3pm-feeder zone pep rally and 5pm to 9pm-meet the tigers/night time roar stadium community rally) details soon. Aug 13 and 14 (3pm to 6:30pm) Aug 15 (1st day of school) follow weekly rehearsal/performance schedule Special note: on calendar it says "COS Rehearsal" this is for jazz band only. WATER AND FOOD!'s how we live? All you guys who think you are on diets and thusly starve yourselves. FORGET THAT SILLINESS. First of all---that does not work. Secondly, the State of Texas considers you to be athletes. Yep! That's right! So you have to act accordingly which means eating well and drinking lots of water. You guys who do not eat breakfast...will be...the first to get sick. Yep! That's right! Don't be scared---just wake-up and eat. You will burn it off completely. If you are an eating machine----bring food for all day--not just for lunch. Many upperclassmen bring food for all day. They bring snacks that they can take with them to outside rehearsals too. EAT...DRINK AND DON'T PASS OUT! Getting back to band kids considered as athletes: 1. Band kids receive the required P.E. credits from the State of Texas--as required for graduation. Yep! That's right. 2. Band kids are required to visit with a doctor and complete a physical exam in order to march and be enrolled into a band class. Yep! That's right. good deed last week happened in one of my top three favorite places: KROGER. This older woman was in line for the service desk. She was being very patient as it was a long line. She was in the part of the line where it was stretching into an aisle so to not block the cross traffic with her Kroger cart full of groceries, she left a space so people could pass by. WELL (and it made me angry) While I was at the lottery machine selecting my quick picks (oh yeah), I watched not one but two individuals cut in front of her (disgusting). I could see that her facial expression was showing "upset" but she never said a word. So I played an extra quick-pick. I walked over to her and said hello to her. She smiled and said "Yes?" I said: "You are my good deed today and out of everyone in line I have chosen you to have one of my quick-picks. Please select one." She was so happy. She could not believe anyone would do that for her. She said she had been having a really bad day and she thanked me so much. As I walked away, I could hear her telling everyone in line in front of her about just when she was giving up on people and their behaviors here comes that nice man to make my day. I think it was her cue to tell that to the people who cut in front of her. I am so excited to see everyone tomorrow. Hope that you have memorized Malaguena and the contest show music. I bet there is some practicing going on today? Ehhhh" You guys have a terrific day. We start at 7am. That means that you show up BEFORE 7 so that we can start at 7? LOGIC? There are construction workers arriving between 6 and 7 because they start at 7 too. PLUS big construction tractors driving up and down what's left of Wilson road. PLUS....470 band vehicles arriving at the same time. WOW! Our parking lot is going to be a nightmare!!!! I'm getting here at 6 to avoid all of that for sure. Yep! That's right! I'm gonna be here at 6am! Oh and my other two most fav places? You are wondering? HOME DEPOT AND OUTDOOR WORLD AT KATY MILLS. See ya H


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