Interesting weather yesterday

Good Morning CTB! was an interesting weather day yesterday. Thank you for adjusting to the weather situation yesterday....even you guys, who will remain anonymous, that really, really, really liked the rain, ummmmm, a little too much. But, aside from those guys, thank you for adjusting with us. Sometimes, we have to adjust our outside plans in Texas.

We are still very proud of your progress. Keep working on memory. Don't give up on yourself. Sometimes, it just takes a little more time.

Remember...PART 3 today. Let's keep going. Let's stay on track with the plan. If you still need to pass off Parts 1 and 2, never give up on yourself....just keep coming back and trying again.

I love the band experience because we are always doing something. Of course, the opposite of that is doing nothing. humans, if we choose to do nothing then how do we know when we are finished?

Another great day yesterday!!!! Let's keep moving forward with those three simple but powerful words! Make your day Legendary! Be Legendary today!

What will be your good deed this week? Perhaps your good deed will be to contact that one person who should be with us in band right now. Maybe that one person just needs to know that they can come to us, be welcomed, be loved for who they are, make a difference with us together and feel important.



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