Inspiration Can Be Anywhere

Hello CTB!!! It's JULY 1st!!!!! I hope all is well. July 1st marks the official count down to waking the sleeping giant once know...those three simple but powerful words. Are you ready?! I don't know but when I watch the news, sometimes, it makes me nervous, sad or even confused but I do know, without a doubt, that there are millions upon millions of good and decent people in our world who do good and work hard every day. I met such a person at my second most favorite place....The Home Depot. I was at the Home Depot pricing new appliances because I broke my microwave's door (you know...when you slam it shut with your arm while holding a hot plate or is that just me?). It was old anyway BUT ANYWAY.... The appliances sales guy was helping me and I asked him about colors. Well...he had to get help from another sales person see...he was color blind and couldn't show me slate verses black stainless...etc. While he was apologizing for being color blind (and he certainly didn't have to), he began to tell me that he was also an art major. He went on to tell me that he worked very hard with painting in shades, from darkest to brightest, since he could not identify color. I stopped what I was thinking and I focused on his amazing story because I realized he was finding ways to succeed as a painter. He expressed his pride with the fact that his professors were blown away by his work ethic and development as an artist all while being color blind. Here was a young man who felt a need to apologize but didn't have to. As I listened closely, as did the other sales person, I also witnessed a young man who had his whole life ahead of him and how he had found his passion while struggling to compensate for an obstacle that could have defeated him, his dream and his chance to do what he loved. These kinds of stories always fuel me to work harder in my life. It's people who have stories like these that inspire me to always find different ways to achieve an outcome or achieve a higher level of teaching. Who or What inspires us can always launch us to new heights of awareness, function, ability and achievement. It's quite possible this young man will never have a spotlight in the national news so I am glad I met him and it was all because of my microwave. It would be so much fun for me to maybe, one day, watch the news and see a man being spotlighted--a famous artist who overcame color blindness and I recognize him as that young Home Depot guy from long ago working to put himself through art school. That would be very cool. Inspiration can be found anywhere especially when we least expect it. Who or What inspires you? 4th of July message coming soon. H


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