Happy 4th of July!

Hello CTB! The month of July means so many great things to me: the celebration of our great country and traditions, fond memories of childhood, family and my love for music. When I was younger, I would attend all of the community fireworks displays, listen to and, sometimes, perform the patriotic anthems of our great nation. This time of year just makes me feel really good about so many things. One of my fav stories was about that one crazy year when, while I was in college, I was invited to a little 4th celebration at a friend's church (her dad was the pastor). It was nothing big, just a few of us college kids and her mom and dad. Anyway, her dad decided to take us all out into the church parking lot for fireworks. It was so much fun UNTIL one of the rockets got away and chased me down the parking lot. It seemed no matter which way I turned, hopped, jumped or ran...it was whistling and crackling behind me. It seemed like forever until I saw a hedge of bushes. You guessed it! I dove right into the bushes at the same time the rocket with its "red glare" went screaming over me!!! Wow! Everyone came running over to see if I was OK. I was but just a little embarrassed while trying to gasp for air with my heart trying to jump out of my chest. Good times though. Her dad never laughed so hard. He talked about it during his church sermon about how the Good Lord was with me while showing His sense of humor and love for me at the same time. Cool sermon. Anyway... while the month of July also allows me to re-affirm my love for country and look back on great memories, it has taken on another significant and special meaning in my life since my college days. This new school year will mark my 34th year as a band director and my 17th year at Conroe High. For the last 33 years, I have welcomed a continuous flow of teenagers into my life. July reminds me of all of the wonderful people I have known during my career as I gear up for another year. I am only a few weeks away from the first band practices of the new school year and I still get excited about it all. AND...this year is significant because it will be the biggest band of my career as well. We will hit a membership of around 470 this year. It's so exciting. I know those kids from my first year here at Conroe High (all 42 of them) would be so excited to know how big the band has grown (they hated being small). How old are they now I wonder...in their early 30's? Man I loved the kids of 2002!!!!! I hope their lives are going great! Summer band practices create so much excitement because, like the 4th of July celebration, we celebrate our band's historic past with great pride and devotion. And, although we have said farewell to a great senior class of students, parents and guardians, we welcome our new freshman parents, guardians and students to our family. Our band family changes through the years, as any family does, but we hold fast to our historic past and traditions much like my own family and our great country so that no matter the challenges set before us, we continue to move forward with great pride, positive minds and good hearts. With every new school year, we welcome the new faces of the CTB. We encounter and work with the future generations of our great society. In our band family, we teach our band traditions to freshmen with hope that, as they grow, they will continue the traditions as set forth by past generations of the Conroe Tiger Band. We continue to embrace our legendary past while building toward the future. This is what has made the Conroe Tiger Band such a great institution for the last 89 years and this is why the Conroe Tiger Band will continue to evolve and radiate for years and years to come. So...have a safe and memorable July 4th. The countdown has begun. Summer band approaches. Summer band ushers in the excitement of a new band year at our beloved Conroe High and it's just around the corner! Conroe High comes alive with the arrival of the band, the football teams, the volleyball teams, the Golden Girls, the cheerleaders, the mascots and the ROTC. It's going to be a fantastic year and I look forward to being with everyone every single day! And....be safe...'cause people are nuts out there and beware of pastors carrying fireworks. H


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