Great start, we are so proud

Good Sunday Morning CTB! WHAT A GREAT START TO THE 89TH YEAR OF THE...CONROE TIGER BAND!!! The INTRO WEEK WAS FANTASTIC and now let's create another fantastic week as we get to drill and music memory pass-offs. Starting tomorrow, this is the week that makes a difference in our year and only band people really understand that fact. We are legendary for a reason. There's just something about the great people of our community...generation after generation after generation. It's a Conroe Thing I suppose. In our beloved and famous band program, year after year after year, students and parents just walk in and carry on this massive band tradition without hesitation. We don't know why but it just happens. What does legendary mean? Well, it can mean many things BUT, to me, legendary is a word that describes how one is remembered. For example: Some might believe (and my baby bro does) that the band, KISS is legendary. Sometimes you hear sports broadcasters say things like "baseball legend" when mentioning "Babe Ruth" or legendary sports franchises like the New York Yankees or the Brooklyn Dodgers or the Green Bay Packers. Many use the word legendary to describe greatness from the past or to describe a person or organization that has been great throughout a stretch of time and is still going and still currently relevant. The Conroe Tiger Band has been great throughout an 89-year stretch of time. There are many milestone achievements (to many to mention in this communication) that have been created by thousands of Conroe Tiger Band students and parents throughout many decades. Keep in mind that "legendary" can describe success over a length of time. can actually consider, poetically, the Conroe Tiger Band as sort of the "Yankees", "Dodgers" or "Green Bay Packers" of the high school band world (or even KISS hahaha). I also believe "legendary" starts with the fact that one has always been a good person and continues to strive to be good...a person that everyone, young and old, respects and loves. Like they say: "Good people do good things." So let's examine that statement a bit further. Good people do good things. (it's true.) What is a good person? To me (humbly), 1. It is a person who always does the right thing especially when no one is looking. 2. It is a person who does the right thing without wanting/needing special praise for what they did. 3. It is a person who does not have the desire to pick on others. 4. It is a person who is able to express themselves through control, humility and strength. 5. It is a person who just likes helping others in need. 6. It is a person who does not have the desire to take things from others. 7. It is a person who does not have the desire to use profanity or vulgarity (especially in public) 8. It is a person who does not have the desire to harm others physically or verbally. 9. It is a person who everyone counts on. 10. It is a person who demands and achieves excellence in himself/herself with everyday life tasks, and basically anything he/she is involved/interested in be it hobbies, work-related and school-related things and anything having to do with their immediate surroundings or corner of the world. The older generations would tell you: "If you're going to spend time doing it, then do it the right way the first time." My dream and hope has always been that everyone on this planet can work to be good and then become legendary anywhere...anytime. I do believe good people do become legendary over time. I do believe that good people, individually or in organized groups, can create good and amazing life-changing moments. We are a bunch of good people right? Yes, we are! We are a bunch of good people that can do good and amazing things for each other and for our parents, school and community. After all...our past is legendary and we are legends in the making. We are NOT just a music class. We are NOT just a school activity. We are beyond the walls of our school and boundaries of our attendance zone. We are an "iconic cultural treasure." (Conroe Courier) We are those three simple but powerful words: CONROE TIGER BAND! Let's have great and strong push this week. I respect and love you greatly and it is a lot of fun getting to know the new people too! You guys are letting me-be me and I appreciate that greatly! H


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