Another Great Day!!!

Hello to those three simple but powerful words!!!!!! ANOTHER GREAT DAY!!! We're two for two!!!! I am very proud. AND.......I'm proud of the freshmen class for taking that leap. That leap has to do with coming into a new situation, watching what we do, and giving it your best without hesitation. So proud of that great attitude of trust and try. Can never go wrong with TRUST AND TRY! Remember: 1. march in time 2. memorize Malaguena 3. memorize PART 1 2 3 4 5 We love how you come each day with TRUST AND TRY. Your trust and try attitude makes us work harder to be better teachers...which makes you work harder to match us...which makes us work harder as teachers...which makes you work harder to match us...etc. What a great "CATCH 22" to be having with one of the greatest high school bands of all time! So proud. Another of my favorite quotes: "Motivation comes from working on things we care about." -Sheryl Sanberg See ya tomorrow... Oh and if I ever scold you, it's because I want you to be your best because that makes you grow stronger as a human being and I always want people thinking you're awesome and I want you to make your parents look really, really good when you are away from them. H


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Great start, we are so proud

Good Sunday Morning CTB! WHAT A GREAT START TO THE 89TH YEAR OF THE...CONROE TIGER BAND!!! The INTRO WEEK WAS FANTASTIC and now let's create another fantastic week as we get to drill and music m


Hello CTB!!!! WOW!!! Those three simple but powerful words really came alive today!!! You were all great!!! We can already tell that your hearts are in the right place!!! Great job everyone

IT'S HERE!!!!!!

Good Sunday Morning CTB!!!! T'was the night before summer band and all through the houses, Everyone was practicing...even the mouses. (ummmm....that's all I got...not a poet) I am

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