Hello from the band hall...

Hello to my great CTB sons and daughters and to my great CTB Parents,


In case anyone was unable to attend the meeting today and for all parents, as I expressed through my announcement at the student meeting, being at Conroe High has been one of the greatest things in my life-not just of my career. Many are unaware but Conroe High saved my life once upon a time back in 2002.  I am grateful for that fact and I definitely love Conroe High, its people and its traditions.  However…with that being said…it is time.


I have been a teacher for 36 years (39 years if you count private lesson teaching and band directing together).  I strongly feel it is time for me to step down and retire.  I do not make this decision lightly nor do I do this out of sadness, I just feel it’s the right time for me to conclude my teaching career.  So…after Conroe HS Graduation and after 19 years at Conroe High, I will step down as the Director of Bands for Conroe High School.


The joy I have felt since 2002, while at Conroe High rebuilding the Conroe Tiger Band to its former glory and beyond has been great and has been very rewarding getting to be part of so many wonderful lives.  We have reached many milestones since 2002 while rebuilding and re-establishing the Legend of the Conroe Tiger Band.  And now… you are my last band—my forever band.  You are positioned to keep up the established excellence and to continue reaching even greater heights and more milestones, which will allow you to add to “the” legend.


I step away from a band that is in great shape and poised to continue its tradition of success into the near and far future.  I believe the quest to achieve excellence in life never stops so, because of that belief, there is much more to achieve for all of the students and parents of this great time-honored historic program.  In life, bigger things are always ahead…newer things are always ahead and I am excited for you.  The traditions we have created together will live forever.  What we have accomplished and what we have built together, will last forever in our hearts and souls and those memories can be used to strengthen your love for this great band of ours.


It is my greatest of hopes that I have done all of the right things for you and for all of our band alumni, the community, CHS and the CISD.  It has been a great 19-year ride here at Conroe High and a great 36 years as a band director.  I am grateful to have been Blessed to have been allowed to be part of so many wonderful lives. 


Each of one of you is special to me.    I enjoy being with all of you each day.  You guys are very good to me and I appreciate that fact very, very much.  Although I am not officially stepping down until after Conroe HS Graduation, I will continue to give you my very best each and every day. That will not change.  I will also continue, with your permission, to deliver “Hello from the Band Halls.” As we continue the school year….I will still do what I do.


And….after I step down, just know that we may see each other somewhere down the road.  I may not recognize you right away because as you get older, you change.  But…if you see an old guy with a diet dr pepper wearing a baseball cap, it just might be me.  So…please stop me and whatever I’m doing and say hello.  It will mean a lot to me and you will definitely make my day.


H Loves Ya!  H will always love ya!