Letters from Students

"Going into my freshman year I was not sure about the idea of “High School Band”. I was torn between A-team football or the third band… I choose to focus on, what I thought was the obvious choice, football. I didn’t show up to any of the marching practices, but I showed up for the Football games. I was truly done with band, until the last competition when I was on the sidelines looking at everyone march for the first time. That was when I knew I had made a mistake. After I came to that realization, the desire to become better came back, that passion that I almost gave up came back to me. I am now first chair Wind Ensemble, playing trombone in Jazz Band, finished my first winter-guard season on rifle line, going to state on trombone and will be marching Drum Corps International with The Cadets this summer. My love for the art of music and the sport of marching drives me to become better at my horn and in class."

-Efrain Hernandez, Class of 2017

"Throughout my four years of high school, band has been my reason to succeed. It has been the force that has pushed me through all of my ups and downs these past few years, and has driven me to become who I am today. When most people hear about the legendary Conroe Tiger Band, they may think of a few hundred high school band nerds getting together and playing their instruments just for the fun of it. But, my band is more than that. It’s a group of people playing their instruments because it’s their passion. It’s a group of musicians competing to be the best ensemble in the region. It’s a group of highly skilled marchers performing to bring joy to their community, and to show everyone how much hard work we put into our shows just to make them proud to say, “That’s MY band!”

​            Back in 8th grade, I was experiencing many problems in my personal life. From my mom suffering from severe depression to never getting to be around my dad, I had also begun suffering from depression. I had lost interest in my academics, my social life, even in band. I was very isolated from everyone else and had become extremely introverted. I had a few very close friends, but even they didn’t realize what I was going through, nor did I ever tell them what was happening. I believed I would never fit in with anyone else and I would be by myself throughout high school.

​            Before the start of high school, I had my very first marching band audition. As an incoming freshman, transferring from regular junior high band to this new way of participating in band, I was beyond nervous. I was worried that once I walked through those band hall doors, I would be alone all over again. But, once I physically stepped through the doors, I was met with cheers and waves and so many friendly faces. I had never experienced anything so positive and uplifting in so long. People kept coming up to me, asking me what my name was and if I was excited to be in high school band. The amount of joy and friendliness was almost overwhelming for a small, shy 8th grader like myself.

Throughout my freshman and sophomore years, I watched my upperclassmen. I paid attention to their actions and their words. I tried to be as good as them, maybe even better. I wanted to be an officer, like some of them were. So, I kept pushing myself and getting out of my comfort zone, trying to make myself seem more self-confident than I originally was. I got noticed by a few of them because of this, and starting becoming great friends with the upperclassmen. They helped me with my music and my marching, and even with my confidence.

I’d like to thank my upperclassmen for how much they’ve supported me and helped me, because with their help, I became clarinet section leader and alternate drum major my junior year, then head drum major my senior year. I overcame my shyness and my lack of self-confidence, and improved my musicianship and personality overall. I became someone I never thought I could become: someone who can conquer even the worst of fears, and who can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

​            While my peers had a big contribution, I would not be the person I am today without my band directors. They are the ones who have shaped and molded this band into a family, and taught us how to overcome any obstacle. They are the ones who always push us to be the best musicians we can be, even if we kick and scream along the way. They are the ones who have helped me realize that I am not alone in my life; that I am surrounded by so many who love and care about me. They are the reason this band is known as the LEGENDARY Conroe Tiger Band.

​            So as I move on in my life, no matter what I come across or what I do, the Conroe Tiger Band will always been my second family. My experience with this amazing organization has changed my life for the better, and I will never forget all of the great and wonderful things I have been given and have experienced while being a band member."

-Emma Hobson, Class of 2016